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Resume Writing and Career Transition Coaching for Jobs in Florida

Professional résumé writing and career counseling are key to the success of anyone who is in career transition, or seeking employment. At Career Florida, we create résumés and cover letters that win job interviews. We help you with job interviewing, and we can also get your résumé into the hands of hiring managers.  Professionally written résumés, cover letters, résumé distribution strategies and interview coaching are just a few of the services we provide.

We serve clients around the world, in all industries and for all career fields. We offer specialized services for those seeking employment in the state of Florida, because our offices are located there and because we have an in-depth knowledge of the Florida job market.

Our staff of career assistance professionals create the highest quality personal marketing documents available anywhere. We excel in writing the kind of résumés and cover letters that get you to the head of the line. When hiring managers are screening job candidates, the presentation which we prepared for you will always be on the top of the stack.

Personal Marketing for Career Success
No matter whether you're a CEO or a mailroom clerk or anything in between, you will soon discover that potential employers require employment candidates to submit a summary of their talents as a part of the hiring process.

The few candidates who are actually awarded personal job interviews are selected on the basis of the quality of the summary of talents which they present. The summary may take a variety of approaches: résumés, cover letters, personal sales letters, qualification briefs or curriculum vitaes, and may incorporate one or more formatting styles, including ASCII or HTML for Internet web posting.

More than any other single factor, it is the quality of one's personal marketing documents that determines the success of a career transition or job hunt.

Click here to learn more about our approach to creating résumés and cover letters

Job Hunting Strategies That Work
The best résumé ever written is powerless to win a top-notch job interview if it isn't put into the hands of a quality employer who's hiring NOW!

Let the right employers know you're available! The best strategy is to contact a large number of carefully selected employers and/or recruiters across several industries. This targeted approach not only maximizes your exposure, it mathematically increases the odds of success, and gives you that all-important bargaining power when it's time to negotiate salary and other employment benefits.

Take a scientific approach to your job hunt. We use modern research tools to quickly and accurately identify the best employers for you. Our personal advertising campaign service reveals what your value is in the market place and takes your résumé right to the front door of targeted employers who value and hire your particular set of skills and talents.

Click here to learn more about our résumé distribution strategies and how we construct Personal Advertising Campaigns that win the attention of prospective employers.

Career and Job Coaching Assessments
No one has all the answers when it comes to positioning oneself for the most rewarding career. The world of work can be a tricky place where, frequently, all is not as it may seem. Over 70-percent of college graduates work in jobs unrelated to their field of study. Millions of workers are "under employed," working at jobs beneath their education and skill levels. A recent poll revealed that over 50-percent of employed workers would change to another career field if offered an opportunity.

It's never too late to change! We offer a wide range of assessments that will help you to better understand where you best fit in the world of work. And even if you're enjoying success in your present job, it's always possible to negotiate a higher salary or better position yourself for promotion. And if you're facing a job interview in the near future, it's wise to learn some effective strategies and begin practicing them. We offer hands-on coaching in job hunting strategy, power interviewing and salary negotiation.

Click here for more information on our Personal Career Coaching and Assessment Services.

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